As you can see in my résumé, I have been working on a wide variety of key musical aspects in the course of my life, both in the field of teaching and performance. My passion for music has led me to play in different symphony orchestras, trios, quartets, in all kind of musical groups and perform as a soloist while entertaining and livening up art exhibitions, theatre plays, monologues set to music, restaurants, hotels and an endless range of musical performances.
This website is focused mainly on the musical entertainment of guests and audiences onboard cruise ship through an extensive repertoire of tastefully and carefully-chosen violin musical melodies to be performed at the bars, restaurants or weddings celebrated onboard ships for the purpose of creating both an unique enchanting space and a special and unforgettable moment based on my long professional career and experience as a violinist which will allow the ceremony to take on a simple but at the same time emotional and captivating dimension thus providing the highest level of quality and expressivity worthy of every occasion.
I can play music of all styles and genres, not only classical but also romantic, baroque, film music, pop, famous songs, relaxing, new age, folk but also any other melody upon request that best matches your chosen moment no matter if it is a special dinner, a cocktail, an intimate occasion such as a request of hand, an anniversary or a celebration of any nature.


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